At-home lifestyle photoshoots are better | Billy + Joey

Home. It’s where we cook, sleep and binge watch several hours of Game of Thrones. I’ve always loved at-home shoots — certainly glad we photographers have drifted away from those cheesy studio portraits. Nothing is more authentic than seeing how a couple interacts in their home.

I asked my friends Billy and Joey to take me through a day in their life in their home. They shared a freshly brewed cup of coffee with me (which Billy is an expert barista) and showed me around their neighborhood.


This is their cat Bruce. I wasn’t able to get a snap of their other cat Mila (she was shy, but very cute. If I was as small as he is, I would snuggle in the book nook, too.


Coffee time! Did I mention Billy is a pro at pour-over coffee?




I told them to put on their favorite music to dance to, and I loved how these next few shots turned out.



They are cutest couple ever! Thank you to Billy and Joey for letting me photograph you both.


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