Treat yo’self with birthday portraits

Getting engaged and getting married shouldn’t be the only times to get your portrait taken, so why not treat yo’self to a birthday photoshoot?

I believe birthdays are a magical time to celebrate you, and there is no way better way to do that than capturing the age you are at. I didn’t even know birthday portraits were a thing until my client and now very great friend Avis hired me to do her 25th b-day shoot.

I didn’t know what to expect so I did what every great photographer does, and I took a deep dive into Pinterest. The results from this shoot were everything I wanted and more.

Avis Birthday-1

Avis Birthday-20

I love it when women embrace their age no matter if it’s 25 or 52!

Avis Birthday-11

A quick confetti pro-tip and etiquette: Get chunky confetti like this. It will be captured on camera a lot better. Also, if you’re going to use confetti in a public place, make sure you sweep it up because photographers and clients will get kicked out of locations for making a mess. Luckily, we shot this at Avis’s home, but I still swept it up before I left.


So pretty!

Avis Birthday-12

We did a few shots to show her passions for her wonderful blog Little Miss Vision, like photography and of course Starbucks coffee. She tells me that she needs the coffee to juggle her full-time job, home life and her Latina lifestyle blog. Check out the blog she wrote about this photoshoot and the 25 things learned by 25.



Avis Birthday-22

What better way to celebrate your birthday with photos, confetti and a big balloon!

Also, remember you’re beautiful and you deserve to …



At-home lifestyle photoshoots are better | Billy + Joey

Home. It’s where we cook, sleep and binge watch several hours of Game of Thrones. I’ve always loved at-home shoots — certainly glad we photographers have drifted away from those cheesy studio portraits. Nothing is more authentic than seeing how a couple interacts in their home.

I asked my friends Billy and Joey to take me through a day in their life in their home. They shared a freshly brewed cup of coffee with me (which Billy is an expert barista) and showed me around their neighborhood.


This is their cat Bruce. I wasn’t able to get a snap of their other cat Mila (she was shy, but very cute. If I was as small as he is, I would snuggle in the book nook, too.


Coffee time! Did I mention Billy is a pro at pour-over coffee?




I told them to put on their favorite music to dance to, and I loved how these next few shots turned out.



They are cutest couple ever! Thank you to Billy and Joey for letting me photograph you both.